The Neutral Glass Ampoules manufactured by the company are widely used in pharmaceutical Industry as Containers for Lyophilized as well as Liquid Injectables. The Ampoules are one shot single dose containers, simple and convenient to use and are a total  protection to the contents from contamination. These can be used on automatic filling, sealing and labeling machines including hi-speed jet machines. The Ampoules can be of flat bottom type with plain or constricted neck. Colour Ring, Colour Break and Printed Ampoules are also included in the range. The Ampoules are made on modern automatic machines using the latest technology.

We also manufacture Neutral Tubular Glass Vials for tablets, capsules, contact lenses, ophthalmic solution parental and Non –parental preparation and multi Dose Injection filling. Dental Cartridges, Test Tubes, Suture tubes and Perfume bottles also from a part of the product range. Vials can be in Plain Neck Type (for use with plug and alu seal) and also in Screw Neck Type (for use with Dropper / Cap). Printed Vials are also a part of range.

Ampoules and Vials are made from U.S.P Type I Neutral Borosilicate Glass tube which offers a high Hydrolytic Resistance due to its chemical composition. Both Ampoules and Vials can be made from Clear as well as Amber glass. Our products are completely Biodegradable and confirm to stringent International and National standards of Dimensions, Neutrality and other tests like Vacuum Endurance and Thermal tests of Shock, Resistance and Endurance etc. These products are well established for the last more than thirty years with our valued customers including reputed Multinational, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Biological/Biotech companies.

Packing of ampoules is in 3 ply shipper and that of vials in 5 ply shipper –both closed with GUM/ BOPP tape and packed in cartons. Storage of the products should be under cover protected from sun, rain and dust.

We also design and manufacture the products and use packing as per the customer specifications.